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Make people happy and proud

Come learn and take on new challenges in an ever-changing industry.

Prémoulé in short


The largest manufacturer of counters and cabinet doors in Eastern Canada


of women among employees


of experience


proud employees and some of whom have worked for the company for over 50 years


production plants

A friendly work environment and people you'll be happy to see every day.


We want to make our customers happy and proud of our products. For this, we firmly believe that you should be happy and proud every time you arrive at work.

Therefore, we make sure to offer you the advantages of a large-scale company, while preserving the advantages of a healthy, pleasant, and humane work environment.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Work-life balance
  • Group insurance plan
  • Simplified pension plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Referral program
  • Recognition program
  • Free parking
  • Holiday and sick leave



Our commitment to customers is our primary reason for being. Prémoulé's promise is unequalled in our industry. Commitment is the core of our action and motivates us to exceed expectations each day to better serve our clients.


Respecting one's rights, and values of merit, fairness, equity, and simplicity are cherished on our teams at Prémoulé.


Our people's ingenuity is at the center of our creativity and development. We are committed to providing opportunities for learning and training to our people to develop our knowledge and the inventive, courageous, and clever spirit that animates us.

Attention to detail

Operational attention to detail is constant. The pursuit of quality, efficiency and profitability asks for consistency, courage, and tenacity in all our business activities to ensure continuity and growth.

Get to know our people


Manager at the Granit & Quartz plant

Manager at the Granit & Quartz plant, he ensures the receipt of goods, inventory, and requests for material reservations. For him, working at Prémoulé means being in a work environment where he feels he belongs and where he does not feel like going to work, but rather going to see his friends.



A strong, hard-working and passionate woman, Jocelyne radiates great energy wherever she goes. Very meticulous, she has worked as an operator at our 5-piece door factory in Alma for about ten years.



Marc has been an operator at Prémoulé for nearly 35 years. The Dean at our Alma plant. He has evolved a lot within the company and he has had the chance to work in different positions such as moulder, mold fitter and cutting saw operator. He is certainly in his element, as he likes to put in a nice finish. He aspires to be the leader in his field in order to help the people who will take over when he retires.



In the big family for 14 years now, he has a job where he says he has the best job in the world. One of the reasons is his view of the St. Lawrence River during sunrise.

Did you know that one of his greatest talents is his sense of observation? Yes, Jacques doesn't need a GPS to get around, he knows the location of his clients by heart, without knowing the address.

A great fan of nature, he loves to spend all his time outdoors. According to him, he can't get enough of it. One of his best moments is when he is fishing or around a fire with his people. 

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